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The teen years are a big time for finding your courage, purpose, and authentic self. Teen Counseling is about helping you and your family get the respect and understanding you both deserve. Teens today often butt heads with their family due in part  to:  Technology, Risky Behaviors (drinking/drugs/etc.), Social Pressures at school,Depression, and Anxiety. Driftless Counseling for Teens is about building bridges, filling communication gaps, and strengthening relationships. 

Teens sometimes crave help, but are too worried what their friends (or family!) will think if they ask for it.  When broaching the topic of counseling with your teen, express your concern in a loving and direct way. Let them know you want them to be happy and healthy, but that you’re worried about them. Call me to talk about strategies of getting your teen/your parent(s) on board for counseling.

Teen Counseling

Why Teen Counseling?

These are formative years, as your teen struggles with the question “Who am I?” their counselor will also be considering: “Who can this person become when they reach their full potential?” (and HOW do we get them there?!)
As a family therapist, I offer teen counseling with a team focus towards problem solving and relationship building. I will often invite parents into joint sessions. As counseling is successful and comes to an end, its the relationship with family and friends that matters most. The relationship with your counselor is just to get you from Point A to Point B.

Today more than ever, Teen Counseling is a valuable resource. The fact is, technology is changing our social and academic life faster than most parents can keep up with. Teen counseling is about connecting and strengthening, so kids and parents alike can trust each other and enjoy this time.