Helping couples

Marriage and co-parenting takes lots of work. That’s why we offer marriage counseling in Viroqua and the Driftless. Because sometimes you need an outsider to step in, sometimes you need the first spark to get the fire going again, sometimes you need someone to help guide and steer through grief, changes, broken hearts. Marriage counseling can help:

  • Loss of Connection & Intimacy – You need to feel close and connected to your partner. Living with a roommate is no way to Live.
  • New Life Stages – Kids, weddings, aging parents…Turn towards each other, not against in times of stress.
  • Affairs & Betrayals –  Forge a path towards grieving, processing, & healing.
  • Communication Problems – You keep having the same conversation over and over. Any conversation can turn into a fight? I’ll help you connect to get back on track.
  • Sex – Build a rewarding, intimate, romantic sex life. Celebrate being “We.”
  • Money – Financial conflicts can destroy your marriage. There are crucial tasks and skills you need to learn to negotiate a middle ground, I can help you master these.
  • Co-Parenting – Parenting is NOT the end of romance, connection, and growth.
  • Prepare

    Before your first session we’ll talk on the phone, and I’ll set you up to take the PREPARE-ENRICH assessment from home.
    You can learn lots more about the assessment here.

  • hit the ground

    In our first session I’ll help you understand your strengths as a couple, as well as your “areas of growth.” We’ll set goals, give each partner the chance to be truly and really heard, and agree on homework/changes to practice at home between our regular sessions.

  • Live the results

    I’m just here to help you get from A to B. Once you are back on your feet and feeling re-connected, I’ll help you develop strategies and skills that will keep you going for years to come.