What are sessions like?

Welcome to Driftless Counseling. Our first session together is to discuss confidentiality, paperwork, and begin to hear your story. We’ll give you a sense of our counseling style and approach to helping you.  We’ll agree on a treatment plan with specific goals and a method for accomplishing them. Depending on the client, the method might be couples therapy, family therapy,  individual therapy, or Adventure Therapy.

Why Family Counseling?

No person is an island (though I’ve known some peninsulas!). In marriage and family therapy, the unit of treatment isn’t just the person or “problem”- its the web of relationships and connections you are a part of.

At the same time, sometimes you need to work on relationship with your self and your own parts before you try to repair your relationship with others. In such cases Individual Counseling sessions are beneficial, or other times sessions focus on one person while the other partner/parent attends in support.

Family Therapy is:

specific, with attainable therapeutic goals
designed with the "end in mind."

Get Connected

Caring for your self and your family today builds bridges that will last and endure.

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In-Home & Adventure Therapy

Driftless Counseling has therapists that travel to the client. This allows us to provide services to families unable to reach an office, with over-busy schedules, or other complications. In many cases, this also allows us to reach young clients where they are most comfortable and start the therapy there.
In-home and Adventure Therapy is predominantly for pre-approved contracts through Intensive In-Home, CCS, or Direct County Contracts.


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